Nail surgery

An ingrowing toenail (onychocryptosis) is a toenail that cuts into the skin. If left untreated a ingrowing toe nail can become very painful, inflamed, and infected.

Common symptoms include:

  • Redness, swelling, and pain
  • An overgrowth of skin around the nail
  • An oozing of puss or fluid
  • bleeding

To avoid having to wait for an NHS appointment contact Boston Spa Chiropody today, we offer a simple, permanent solution to ingrowing toenails.

Most cases can be treated conservatively with or without local anesthetic but sever or recurrent cases may result in nail surgery.

Corrective nail surgery with phenolisation

If the ingrowing toenail has become more advanced, the side of the nail may need to be permanently removed, this procedure is known as nail surgery. Nail surgery is a safe procedure that does not require stitches. A local anesthetic injection is required. After the side of the nail has been removed a chemical called phenol will be applied to the area to prevent regrowth, when the toe has healed you will be left with cosmetically pleasing results.

Our clinicians are fully qualified, extensively trained, and uphold the highest possible standards.

To reduce the risk of infection, clean the affected toe in a salt water bath and cover the wound with a plaster until your podiatry appointment.