Verruca’s – Verruca’s are warts caused by the HPV virus that can appear on the hands and the feet. They are difficult to treat, persistent, and unsightly. For those patients suffering from a particular stubborn strain of verruca, seeking medical advice from a podiatrist can help alleviate pain and accelerate healing.

Available Treatments :

SWIFT – New state of the art microwave technology developed for the easy and precise treatment of warts and verruca’s.

Clinical research suggests most verruca’s will resolve after just three treatments.

First treatment – The podiatrist will apply 5 short pulses of energy to the lesion, each will be 2 seconds in duration. Each pulse triggers an exponential increase in surface temperature, resulting in rapid cell destruction without breaking the skin, so no blisters or scaring.

Second treatment – this will occur 4 weeks later. Swift treatment works by creating localized heat energy that destroys infected tissue that can exist several millimeters below the skin surface.

Third treatment – In 86% of cases the verruca will resolve at this stage, and this will be the final treatment appointment.

The podiatrist will then leave a gap of 12 weeks to cycle through the immune response. At this stage normal skin tissue should become visible in place of the old verruca.

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Effective Verruca Treatment With Swift